This blog aims to provide quality content on chess including its references and implications beyond the board.

Chess exerts great fascination to millions of people all over the world due to its enormous intellectual and scientific depth. Once infected, chess has the power to be more than just a hobby, thus having a direct impact on the way of thinking and acting in life.

Having said that, one understands why chess community brings such strong connections between its members who all share great passion for the game regardless of their strength.

As we feel those aspects beyond the board have not been examined adequately, we feel like it is worth to reflect more on what the game tells us in broader terms, such as references to personalities, psychology and other fields thus going beyond pure analyses of the games.

This blog is a contribution to the chess community that we have proudly been part of for many years.

We hope you find something useful and feel free to interact with us to make this place more lively.