profil picture of Markus Lammers smilingBorn in Wildeshausen near Bremen in 1986, Markus was taught the rules of chess by his grandfather at the age of 8 along with his brother Philipp.

After years of little progress, due to the support of a commited coach of the local chess club, Markus started to play bigger tournaments culminating in a gain of 600 rating points within a single year. Consequently, he decided to take up a new challenge joining the club of Delmenhorst in 2002 where he benefited from a competitive training group including Stefan and led by coach IM Tobias Jugelt.

After graduating from highschool in 2006, Markus started to study law at the LMU Munich and Salamanca (Spain).

During his studies Markus continued to work on chess and obtained IM norms in Barcelona, Budapest and Riga. As a peak in his career he finished co-winner in the strongest German tournament of Deizisau in 2011. After eventually reaching the required elo rating of 2400 in the same year, Markus was rewarded the title of an international master.

After an initial chess trip to Czech Republic in 2007, Markus has played numerous tournaments abroad enjoying the mixture of competition and socializing with people from all over the world. In the past years he shifted to more adventurous trips by playing tournaments in Panamá City, Bangkok, Doha and Bogotá.

During his professional career Markus used to work in an international law firm in Munich, Tokyo and Brussels between 2013 and 2016. Afterward, he went to a startup that provides service in the energy sector where he is working as the head of strategic and operative day-to-day business.

Besides chess Markus is interested in different subjects such as economics, politics and psychology/sociology.

Recently, his chess activity is reduced to his role as playing captain in German Schachbundesliga for his team MSA Zugzwang München. Although his rating declined substantially, he still enjoys being part of the chess community and follows big events online.

Looking to chess from a less competitive but more reflecting perspective than in the past, Markus in this blog is going to focus on chess topics on a meta level (to leave chess analyses for better qualified authors).