Photo credit: Vanessa Sun and Chess Club Live

Photo credit: Vanessa Sun and Chess Club Live

The long-awaited match of the year has begun in New York City. The world is currently witnessing the “youngest” world match ever happened in history, featuring a 25-year-old defending champion from Norway, Magnus Carlsen and a 26-year-old challenger from Russia, Sergey Karjakin.

spectator view

The infamous dimmed room for the spectators to see the match

The atmosphere in New York City, especially around the Fulton Market in the lower east side of Manhattan where the match is being held, had turned to be somewhat serious, thanks to the match mostly. Prior to the first round, you would see a long line of people waiting to be checked by the guards upon entering the venue. Once you entered, you would want to go upstairs to see the whole designated complex for the people such as media center, spectator hall, interview/analysis room, and cafeteria. To be able to see the players when they are playing, spectators were being led to a very small and dimmed room. It was pretty hard to see the players if you were already on the third layer or onwards of the line, or unless you are tall enough to watch it from far. So to make the money worth it for the entrance fee, most of the spectators were just hanging around the spectator hall to watch the match and commentary by GM Judith Polgar from two big TV screens.

spectator hall

The game itself started with Trompowsky variation and relatively offered peace time throughout until it resulted in a draw. This outcome is so common in the first round of the World Match so most people did not expect much blood for the very start of this clash. Let’s hope the second round and on will be much of chess entertainment!