I am excited to bring to you another interview, this time with my roommate during the Bangkok Chess Club Open, Grandmaster Falko Bindrich! Falko holds the record for becoming the youngest GM in Germany and is one of the founders and CEO of the Amateur Chess Organization (ACO). Let’s dive into the interview:

Here’s what we cover in the interview:

0:51 A brief history of when Falko started out with chess, when he achieved his titles and what he is doing right now
2:03 Which training methods have helped Falko to become the youngest GM ever in Germany?
3:49 What is Falko’s take on analysing games and how should you go about it?
4:55 What does Falko’s current training regimen look like?
6:13 What is Falko’s training advice for somebody completely new to the world of chess?
7:59 What does Falko consider critically important to improve in chess?
9:00 What are Falko’s most recommended chess books?
10:53 How does Falko prepare for a tournament?
12:13 What does Falko consider to be most important during a tournament to be successful?
15:06 How does Falko deal with losses?
17:47 What are Falko’s ambitions and goals for the future?
19:53 What is Falko’s own personal favourite game?
20:59 What is Falko’s favourite game of all time?
22:16 How would Falko spend 100 Euro on chess improvement?
23:16 The one thing you should take away from this interview

Resources mentioned in this video:

“Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual” by Dvoretsky
“600 Combinations” by Blokh
“Chess Middlegames” by Polgar
Bindrich vs Godena
Anand vs Carlsen
Amateur Chess Organization Website

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview and took away valuable advice to improve your chess. Next up will be GM Jan Gustafsson, so stay tuned!