Today, I have a special treat for you guys. I had the honor to interview living chess legend Nigel Short during the Bangkok Open in Thailand. As a former world championship contender and Top 100 player for longer than I have been on this planet, Nigel does not need further introduction. So, let’s get straight to the interview:

Here’s what we cover in the interview:

1:16 Which world champion used to struggle in the 1st round of a tournament, according to Nigel?
2:35 A brief history of when Nigel started out with chess, his career chess highlights so far and when he achieved his titles
5:10 At what age did Nigel decide to become a professional chess player?
5:43 What is Nigel’s opinion on the present FIDE rating system and the way titles are awarded?
7:11 Which training methods have helped Nigel to get to his current strength?
8:40 What is the best chess magazine in the world, according to Nigel?
9:21 What level did Nigel manage to reach in his chess career, before he had a professional coach?
10:28 What does Nigel wish he would have done more when he was younger?
11:43 What is the common mistake made by people these days when it comes to chess education?
12:18 Which bad habit you should avoid to become stronger in chess
17:51 What does Nigel’s current training regimen look like (surprising!)?
18:06 What is the surprising advice Yuri Razuaev gave Nigel a few years ago?
20:56 What did Nigel come to know about Garry Kasparov’s preparation and it’s intensity during a tournament couple of years ago?

Resources mentioned in this video:

Short vs Wiwatanadate :

We could have easily talked for at least another half an hour, but unfortunately the time was limited. I hope you guys enjoyed the interview as much as I did when I recorded it!

Who would you like to see interviewed next? Write me in the comments!