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magnus carlsen

Game 3

With yesterday being the first rest day for the players, everyone came with a high expectation of today’s game, especially when Carlsen would be having his second white. In spite of a sleepy start in a Berlin Defence, finally some… Continue Reading →

Game 2

Wow, what a game! Action and fireworks all over the place; sacrifices to the left, sacrifices to the right… Just kidding. Game N°2 of the World Championship Match between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin didn’t offer too much excitement, to… Continue Reading →

Game 1

The long-awaited match of the year has begun in New York City. The world is currently witnessing the “youngest” world match ever happened in history, featuring a 25-year-old defending champion from Norway, Magnus Carlsen and a 26-year-old challenger from Russia,… Continue Reading →

Grandmaster Analyses (video)

Find in-depth video analyses by our grandmaster Niclas after each single game of the match. If you want to see more videos from Niclas check out his YouTube channel here.

Let the games begin!

Being passionate about chess the next 3 weeks really is what we were all waiting for! Let us all enjoy this amazing event full of high quality chess played in a tense atmosphere! We would have loved to provide you… Continue Reading →

General Facts

Get a quick overview on the match conditions and regulations.

20 days of autumn – on the upcoming World Chess Championship Match 2016

Hell, it’s about time! 25-year-old Magnus Carlsen vs. 26-year-old Sergey Karjakin. Norway vs. Russia. And the chess world is excited (surely I am!). What will be the first move? Will there be opening revelations/revivals, like the “Berlin” 16 years ago?… Continue Reading →

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