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opening preparation

Opening repertoire: work in progress

When I’m lying in bed and reach to the shelf next to me, where some (more or less) frequently used chess books are piled up, the probability of grabbing an opening book is quite high. There is a book on… Continue Reading →

Schachbundesliga in Trier: Part I

On November 19th/20th rounds 3 and 4 of the Schachbundesliga took place for us in the ancient city of Trier, close to the border to Luxembourg. A nice aspect of playing in the highest German league is to see different… Continue Reading →

20 days of autumn – on the upcoming World Chess Championship Match 2016

Hell, it’s about time! 25-year-old Magnus Carlsen vs. 26-year-old Sergey Karjakin. Norway vs. Russia. And the chess world is excited (surely I am!). What will be the first move? Will there be opening revelations/revivals, like the “Berlin” 16 years ago?… Continue Reading →

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