me2Stefan Walter was born in 1986 in Delmenhorst, close to Bremen in the north of Germany, to an Italian mother and a German father.

Having been taught the rules by his family, Stefan got in touch with the local chess club Ganderkesee by means of an event for school kids at the age of 8. Although football and athletics started much earlier, soon enough chess played the biggest role. As a teenager he was first trained by the late FM Kai Wesseln, which resulted in 2 federal state championship titles. This gave rise to the opportunity of teaching a chess study group at high school and first experiences in the foreshadowed educational area.

After his change of teams to SK Delmenhorst, he also joined a productive working group around IM Tobias Jugelt and childhood-rival IM Markus Lammers.

In 2005 he graduated from High School and joined the German army for 9 months. Right after, he began his studies of mathematics with economy at the TU Darmstadt near Frankfurt and the università degli studi in Florence. In order to still be able to play regularly in team matches, he joined the local SV Griesheim, whose first team used to play in the German Oberliga.

During his studies, the team managed to rise up to 2nd and eventually 1st Schachbundesliga. In 2016/2017 they are playing already their 5th season in the world’s strongest chess league. It is also the first season, in which Stefan manages the team as the team captain.

After successfully finishing his diploma in 2012, he started his Ph.D. in mathematics at the TU Darmstadt about surface dynamics and hydrodynamic limits. At the same time he belongs to the scientific staff of the stochastics group and works as a teaching assistant for lectures such as “Mathematical Finance” or “Probability Theory”.

In his free time, he enjoys football and other different sports, as well as studying languages. On the chess board, the IM title is the next goal, having fulfilled already two norms in Barcelona 2009 and in the Schachbundesliga 2013/14. With this blog, another hobby comes in, where he will give his personal perspective on what is going on in the chess community, with analysis and potential connections to mathematics.