With yesterday being the first rest day for the players, everyone came with a high expectation of today’s game, especially when Carlsen would be having his second white. In spite of a sleepy start in a Berlin Defence, finally some blood was spilled over the board today. Carlsen was playing fast according to his home preparation and Karjakin had to take some time to respond to 10. Re2!?

After the fight that last for about six hours with an upper hand position in the endgame, it was obvious that the defending champion did not like how the game turned out. On the other hand, saving the game from a loss might give Karjakin some confidence boost especially when it is his turn to play the white pieces tomorrow. After all, many agreed that this third game was way more interesting than the first two, let’s hope the level of excitement goes higher each round.


In the press conference, Carlsen revealed that he was stuck at some winning point of the game while Karjakin admitted that he did not play his best today.

Listen to what GM Niclas thinks about the game.