Halftime – and the match remains even.

After no longer than two hours and 32 moves draw was agreed in a position where none of the players had any reason to continue.

The players repeated their Anti-Marshall of game 4 before Magnus deviated with 9…d5 giving the e5-pawn for active play. This was the beginning of a very long concrete line that both players went through quickly.
“Hm, boys are doing their homework!” as stated Anish Giri via Twitter. Even Magnus showed he did serious preparation and finally got an easy draw with the black pieces. Sergey actually did not get anything out of his white games up to this point.

After another free day, Sergey will get another white game on Sunday.

Game 6 obviously was not in the spectators’ interest. However, I agree with Grischuk that a close and therefore exciting course of the match is more important than the entertainment in each single game. For the second half  of the match the tension will further increase substantially. Let’s see how the players will handle it!

See what Niclas thinks about the game.